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Jeremy McBryde is known as the "Flava Finess'a" (One with the sauce; it ain’t on ya, it’s in ya), a restauranteur and cuisine connoisseur with a Cobra Clutch on the comfort food/soul food game in the City of Angels.

Originally from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Jeremy's Midwest charm, hustler mentality and undeniable wrist in front of the stove has always caught people’s attention. Jeremy’s professional journey into the culinary world began when he offered to cater a friend’s event for free, and the food was a huge hit. Three weeks later he was manning the hottest popup restaurant in Los Angeles, and after 10 hard months of grinding, he secured a brick-and-mortar restaurant under the same name, Comfort LA, in the heart of Downtown LA’s skid row, bringing a late-night, affordable restaurant to a neighborhood truly in need of some love.

He tapped into his family’s secret recipes - “Maw Maw’s candied yams,” “Granny’s banana pudding,” “Cousin Kina’s mac-and-cheese” – crafting incredible flavors and one-of-a-kind approaches to dishes with a connection to home and to his community. He found his true purpose thru food by developing his second concept Flava Neighbor (a restaurant development house providing space for up-and-coming restauranteurs to develop their concept while he looks to scale their concept in underserved communities) opening in his hometown Cleveland OH 2023.

He’s received glowing recognition from Forbes, The LA Times, LA Weekly, Thrillist, Yelp, Beyoncé’s list, Kevin Hart, LeBron James, and many more, and he’s on a mission to find even more success by combining his love of FOOD with being able to HELP, MOTIVATE, and INSPIRE others.


Renard Shanklin (pictured on the right)

From customer service to Restaurant Management and development, strategist, master of operations and structure development, who’s life goal is to be a pillar of the community while creating job opportunities for the underserved.

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